At Printstagram – we live our product!

Tech reviews the way women want it!

Tech reviews the way women want it!

What does that mean, you ask? Does it mean we’re surfing on one of our canvas prints, living in a cellphone print or sporting an aluminium print look to die for? Ummm, nope! Let’s hash it out … We are a company that deals predominantly in the social aspect of printing moments that you were socially involved in! Being social is what we are all about and that’s why we love meeting people and forming relationships along the way.

Our latest friendship conquest is with the great gals at Techgirl! If you don’t know about them, well then, let’s just say you’re missing out. These vibrant ladies are changing the way South African women get info that is geared towards them – in the way that they understand best! Let’s face it … the fairer race dig the tech talk but are also interested in the emotional aspects of things. These women lace their articles with a fair amount of jargon, detail and a delightful touch of feelings. We happen to be a fan which is why we’ve given the girls’ fans a whopping 50% discount in the month of May.

We suggest that if you’re looking for a great printed gift for Mom, Dad, Gran, Gramps or anyone really (at a great discounted rate) you’ll pop on over to Techgirl and get that discount code. While you’re at it you’d be silly not to read some of their exciting and informative tech articles.

Go on … we know you want to!


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